Thursday, 25 March 2010

Candidate data now available to download

You've been able to get small amounts of data as JSON from most pages on the site. But if you're planning to do a big project you need all that data on the candidates, parties and who is running where.

Now you can download it all from

We ask you to create an account so that we know who is using the data. Also once you've gotten your API token you can download the data without being logged in - so you can grab it from your code easily.

Currently it is in JSON which is useful if you want to build up entries in your own database. Later today we'll push out There is also CSV which lets you load it all up in a spreadsheet.

It is great that we can give this data away freely and we're looking forward to seeing what people produce with it.


  1. Awesome, and congratulations :) Thanks Edmund!

  2. Awesome :) Looking forward to seeing uses of it.

  3. is it OK to just keep grabbing the 650 little json files from the constituencies. I only do it once a day (or less if I forget)

  4. alanbell: by all means if you've got code already written for that :) New code should probably use the JSON download though

  5. yes, it is a little python script that rebuilds all the entries on